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Tidal Bliss Yoga

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Tidal Bliss Yoga

Basic Listing

This listing type will simply list your Village Name and Location with your telephone number and/or your email address.

Tidal Bliss Yoga Premium

Premium Listing

This listing type has an image (optional) of your Village, Village Name, Contact details (email and/or phone and/or website). It can also include additional details that you specify up to 400 words.
Only $45 per year.

Pro Premium Village

PRO Premium Listing

Includes the Premium Listing PLUS a link to a FULL Page with details you specify, dedicated to your Village on our site, We will create and design the page for you with details and photos you specify.
Only $95 per year

Sample Basic Listing FREE

Your Village Name here
Boston, Massachusetts

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Sample Premium Listing $45 per Year

Sample Village

Your Village Name here

Address 1, Address 2, City, CA, 45678
Tel: 555-754-5555

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