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Below are details of our website services. Whether you need a single page site or a complex site with member subscriptions and exclusive member only content, or perhaps you need a Blog or Events Board, then we can build a custom solution for you, and can host it or install it on your own hosting. We can also create other custom facilities for you.

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Select your requirements in the 'Get a Quote' section below.
If you wish us to host your site select the Hosting Option, if you have your own hosting then do not click the hosting option.
If you already have your domain name and selected hosting, you can either point your domain at our name servers, or transfer the domain name to our services. If you do not wish to transfer your domain, then do not select the Domain Name Option.
If you would like to have a sub-domain of thevillage.network like https://yourvillagename.thevillage.network then you must use our Hosting but do not select the Domain Name Option.

*Unlimited Members is up to the capacity of the hardware.


How to select the add-on options for your web site

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Single Page Site

Single Page Site

Includes Header Block, Village Details, Contact Form. One Email Account for Contact Form (Hosted Options Only).


Full Website

Full Web Site

Multiple Pages, Home, About, Village Details, Contact Page, Up to 10 additional Custom Pages.
Up to Three Email Addresses for Contact Form and Other Use (Hosted Options Only)
* Membership Systems are for unlimited numbers of Members.



Add Ons


Domain Name



Subscription Members

Non-Subs Members Area

Newsletter System App.

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  • Hosting$0.00
  • Domain Name$0.00
  • Blog$0.00
  • Auto Events News$0.00
  • Members Area $0.00
  • Newsletter App.$0.00
  • OR MONTHLY$0.00
Monthly amount includes an extra charge to cover some additional PayPal Fees.
All payments are in Advance.
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What You Get With Your Package

Detailed below is what is included with your Website Package

With Hosting

Regular Backups of you Site Files and Databases
3 Free Email Addresses with option to add more
Free SSL (https://)
Option of many additional Apps
Unlimited Bandwidth
Additional Domains pointing to your site.
Unrivalled Support and Service.
and much more....


We design and build your website for you and upload it to your server for you (if using your own hosting).
If using our hosting we upload and manage everything for you.
We maintain your site and make changes for you when needed.
Add additional features, such as Blog, Members Area, News and Events System, CMS, Newsletter App and custom items (contact for costs) etc.
Unrivalled Support and Service.

Additional Items

We can provide a Blog, Members Area with Members only conten, CMS, Newsletter App, News and Events pages, all of which can be edited and added to on-line withput any HTML or CSS knowledge by multiple users.

We can also build and add custom items should you require a custom addition to your site.
Unrivalled Support and Service.

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